I'm going to be a freshman and I'm really upset I got an east side dorm. It's far away from everything, it's ugly, there isn't any dorm spirit, I don't plan on spending time in the science center...help? Any good things about east side?


Honestly, don’t be too upset by what people have told you on facebook/other forms of social media. It’s true that East Side dorms are not as popular, but many people actually really really like living in these dorms. And actually, I would maybe argue that some East Side dorms have more spirit?? Don’t judge until you come. But srsly, there are a lot of perks to East side dorms. Even though I have yet to live on East Side, I could even think of many positive aspects. 

1. THEY ARE THE NEWER BUILDINGS. Yup. Tower Court is old. East Side is quite new and their elevators are more safe. The rooms are cleaner and aren’t falling apart. 

2. The rooms are larger. The rooms are pretty big and you don’t have to bunk for the most part. (srsly, i hear bunking is the worst so you got out of that) Also you don’t have to share a closet.

3. No congestion. This was actually a problem in TowerCourt. Serious congestion in the morning. Especially in the dining hall.  The East side dining halls are really calm, and you can eat your breakfast in peace. 

4. More first years. Overall, I think more first-years live on a floor on Eastside compared to West. (Well, in my hall’s experience). You’ll have a really good group of hall friends if you make the effort. Come in with a positive attitude and you’ll have ONLY a year until you can decide if you liked it or if you didn’t. 

5. CLOSER TO THE VILLE: This is the biggest pro ever. Do you know how long it takes to go to the Ville from Sev? Especially in the snow? A good 20 minutes of snow crunching and straight up struggling until I get to Starbucks, frozen and soaked. I SWEAR IF YOU LIVE ON STARBUCKS AND DUNKIN YOU WILL LOVE THIS. From the East Side dorms it takes 5 minutes. 5. Five. Cinco. And the grocery store, Pink Berry, CPK, etc. are significantly less of a trek.

6. You don’t have to live in your dorm. For me at least, I only slept in my dorm and hung out with friends in my room. For most of the week, I was either out and about on campus or in Boston.

Also the walk to the Lulu isn’t that bad. And you’re not that far from the Academic quad (less than a 5 minute brisk walk). The Stone bus stop is also pretty close to you as well. Don’t come in with a negative mind and try to come into Wellesley with a positive and excited vibe. Trust me, you’ll have fun!

Does anyone know anything about Reed College in Oregon??????? (Posting for a friend) I want to know what the pros and cons are and why you like the college!

The American collegiate system in one gif set

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It’s that time of the year when I wonder why Urban Outfitters thinks that $115 is a reasonable price for a  d u v e t  cover. Like srsly. No one’s got time fo dat 

Personal, but this past week, I helped pay for part of my tuition, and I’m glad that that’s over for now. 

Glad that I finally got to help out the parents. ( srsly blessed to have ‘em)

I see you reblogged my news post and I wanted to let you know that I will be posting more of those but only on Tuesday's and Friday's unless there is breaking news I feel the need to post. You will be able to find these news posts by the tag *invulnerate news* . I will be making a link on my blog to go to it later today :) Any suggestions on how I can improve my post? Please let me know!


Ok! It’s really cool that you make news posts. I’ll definitely check all of them out!  And maybe add a link to your sources (just so people can read the actual source??) 



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